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Welcome to Shell Intilaaqah Saudi Arabia

Intilaaqah is one of Shell's social investment initiatives aimed at encouraging the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s). It provides professional training, guidance; and business development services.

Intilaaqah Key Messages

  • Making a difference: 

The Shell Intilaaqah programme trains young Saudi entrepreneurs, helping them to successfully start and run a business. Since its inception in 2010, Shell Intilaaqah supported the diversification of the Kingdom's economy and has created 3000 jobs

  • Local knowledge, International expertise:

Shell Intilaaqah has a 30-year track record in over 17 countries, using our international expertise to support local talent

  • Pushing to achieve the impossible:  

Shell Intilaaqah helps entrepreneurs to discover their talents and polish them towards success, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face in their day-to-day business  

  • Sustainability:  

Our sustainable training and awareness programmes not just support and guide entrepreneurs towards established and successful businesses, they also help entrepreneurs who are facing major issues 

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Intilaaqah is a member of Shell LiveWIRE International Social Investment Programme

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